About Bottlefree Solutions, LLC

Since 1996 we’ve provided high-end bottle-less water coolers to businesses to help our customers save money, simplify the way they provide drinking water to employees, and help reduce the carbon footprint & liabilities that is associated with frequent bottled water deliveries. With the increased demand in high quality sparkling and still drinking water, we founded Bottlefree Solutions to be the exclusive Purezza provider in Arizona for the HoReCa industries.

The concept

Purezza was conceptualized to provide a simple, contemporary, great tasting alternative to table and bottled water, by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enable venues to utilize their own locally-sourced water supply to offer to their customers. Not only does Purezza produce the highest aesthetic, taste and functional quality, the latest technologies are employed to ensure the offering is healthier, cleaner, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods. To deliver premium, great tasting still and sparkling water to the HoReCa industry through high quality products and in so doing promoting sustainability and positive customer experiences.

purezza still water bottle served in a restaurant

Our mission

To provide the Arizona HoReCa industry with quality sparkling/still chilled water systems using locally sourced purified water, and unmatched service and support.

Find us

6929 N Hayden Rd


Scottsdale Arizona 85250

Tel: 480-630-1212